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The Unforgotten
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God Bless the Victims!
A Poem by Dave Demick, USMC

This heart-touching poem was written by a disabled Nam Vet
who is presently suffering from the effects of “Agent Orange.”

A Soldier

You were young and so was I,
Way back when we were little guys,
We played our games of war and hate,
Not ever thinking of our fate.

You would run and hide,
I would look for you as time went by,
I would laugh about the win,
You would cry about the loss.

Those were the days back then,
When we were young and innocent;
Time went on and we became older,
That's when we became much bolder.

We turned and joined the Marines,
Just to show that we were mean,
We did our time and payed the price,
For something that we thought was right.

Shots rang out in the night,
When I looked ... you were no where in sight;
You called out and then laid still,
I tried to help, but I too lied still.

No more worries, you and I,
For our war is now over, you and I;
We now walk in peace and joy,
As we go on our way, 'cross the heavenly skies.

~ Dave Demick, USMC ~
Vietnam Veteran 1968 - 1970
Bravo Company
1st Bn. 9th Marines
60 Morters

God Bless the Victims!


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God Bless the Victims!

The Unforgotten

The Unforgotten

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